Bookstore Charge Authorization Form

This Bookstore Charge Authorization Form (aka Bookstore voucher) can be used to purchase items from the bookstore using available funds after all required tuition and fees have been paid.

Items available to purchase include but are not limited to:

  • Course Textbooks
  • Class Supplies
  • Clothing and Accessories
  • Electronics

Steps to properly request a bookstore voucher

  • Create and save a ‘Cart’ on the Bookstore web page for the items needed. This provides an accurate total and provides the Bookstore with the list of books to bundle.

  • The student will then use the total generated from their cart to submit the total on this FlowForm. Add to this amount for additional funds needed.

  • The FlowForm will go to Student Accounts for approval.

  • Once approved, the FlowForm will go the the Bookstore.

  • An email is then sent by the Bookstore to the student that their financial aid has been approved with instructions to checkout their order on the website. (Allow 24 hours for your financial aid to be available.)

First and Last

Student ID Bear Card

Enter the email you regularly check

Option added

Which semester do you plan to use this Bookstore Voucher?

Enter the current year

Add the price of all items to be approved by Business office (Should be equal to or less than the funds left on Student Account after account has been paid in full)

Authorization to issue bookstore coupons from Title IV Proceeds - I hereby authorize Rocky Mountain College to use Title IV (Federal) loan monies, that will be available after all allowable charges have been paid from my student account, to pay for non-institution bookstore charges. This authorization is voluntary and may be revoked at any time (Ref: 34 CFR 668.165)